Frequently Ask Questions

Cars 360, is an only setup in entire Chhattisgarh, with all modern and latest technology, compared to other dealerships in state. By taking services from us, 3 basic advantages are, Cost economical, Time saving through avoiding long ques and transparency in job, as at our place, parts are replaced only when they are actually required to, instead of following the service protocol of manufacturer to change everything on every service.

Since none of the manufacturers do manufacture majority of the parts, as they too are relying on other third parties for the supply of parts required, same way all those suppliers do have their own share of sales in after market sales, therefore, the authenticity and reliability of parts is assured.

No we don’t commit any H theory of H, as this is a simply a Hoax created on social media as well as web through cheap detailers.

No, there is no coating available in market having a solution from preventing scratches, but yes due to its hardness, scratch resistance capability is there, but its not scratch proof.

We realize that for most non-car enthusiasts, the difference probably isn't very significant. However, all car owners, enthusiasts or not, should look at getting their car fully detailed every so often, and should also perform smaller details regularly to have their car looking at its best all the time.
So, to help our customers understand the many benefits of car detailing, also known as auto-detailing, we are going to outline what you can expect when you choose to have your car detailed. Trust us when we say that you'll never go back to normal washing!